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Java Architect



Madrid, Spain
Posted on Monday, November 20, 2023

TOQIO ( enables any business, not just banks, to create game changing, data driven, finance propositions (embedded finance) that can be rapidly deployed to their customers where and when they need it.

We are currently looking for a Java Architect, a senior software developer who can design, develop and implement complex software products using the Java programming language.

As a Java Architect you will:

  • The Software Architect will conduct hands-on system analysis to understand legacy system at a detailed level and produce optimal phase implementation roadmap to migration to event driven architecture
  • Innovate, develop, integrate, and evaluate migration of our platform to EDA
  • Design mockups and/or proof-of-concept prototypes of features
  • Define the services strategy: Understand the functional and non-functional requirements of the system and define a clear strategy to implement them in the use case of the program.
  • Identify Service Boundaries: The architect must define clear boundaries for each microservice to ensure that they are designed independently and can be easily scaled, ensuring that the set of functional and non-functional requirements of the system are addressed together.
  • Design and document the microservices architecture: The architect must design and document the microservices architecture, including architecture diagrams, communication between services, management data and security.
  • Verify that the development complies with the architecture definition.
  • Train and mentor development teams: The architect must train and mentor development teams in the design, implementation, and maintenance of microservices.
  • Selection of Technology, libraries, frameworks, technological standards...
  • Continuous improvement of Architecture.

Some of the skills required:

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Software Design and Architecture: Strong knowledge of software design principles and architectural patterns is essential. Should be adept at creating scalable, modular, and maintainable software products.
  • Should be familiar with architectural styles like layered, client-server, RESTful architectures, and particularly important is the knowledge of event driven architectures.
  • Expertise in Java (preferably Java17 onwards): A deep understanding of the Java programming language, its core concepts. This includes proficiency in object-oriented programming (OOP), multithreading, collections, I/O.
  • Expertise in Java frameworks like Springboot. Having knowledge of Hibernate, webflux or Quarkus is a must.
  • Database and Data Modelling: Proficiency in database concepts, should have experience working with relational databases (PostgreSQL) and NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDB) and understanding their strengths, limitations, and context of use.
  • Performance Optimisation: Identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks is crucial. Should possess skills in profiling, optimising code, tuning database queries, caching strategies, and implementing efficient algorithms.
  • Design Patterns: Proficiency in design patterns such as Creational, Structural, and Behavioural patterns. Architects should be able to apply these patterns appropriately to solve common software design problems.
  • Security: Knowledge of security tools to improve the security of the code, knowledge on best security practices and log management.
  • Knowledge of deployment procedures and tools for Java applications in cloud environments and leveraging cloud-native services (preferably AWS).
  • Familiarity with software development methodologies, such as Agile and Scrum. Should have been working with agile development teams for the last four years.
  • Knowledge of software development principles and best practices.
  • Experience with software development tools, such as version control systems (e.g. Git), integrated development environments (e.g. Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA), and build automation tools (e.g. Maven or Gradle), as well as CI/CD tools and procedures.
  • Knowledge of frontend frameworks, specially React Native and React would be valued

Soft Skills:

  • Good communication and leadership skills
  • Identifying business problems and designing solutions
  • Very proactive
  • Always looking for ways to improve the developments
  • Troubleshooting technical issues and design flaws
  • Working both individually and on a team to develop designs
  • Collaborating with other departments to address the needs and goals of the organisation
  • Keeping Java knowledge and skills up to date by attending professional events and reading industry news

What we offer:

TOQIO. People are one of TOQIO’s main assets. We are building a unique best in class team committed to our core values and based in diversity, sustainability and wellbeing.

  • The team comprises professionals from leading consulting and banking firms, MBA graduates from top business schools, entrepreneurs, young and talented engineers and PhDs.
  • TOQIO’s Founding team; Eduardo Martinez and Michael Galvin are successful entrepreneurs and motivated leaders who have been awarded in different fields. Along with Daniella Lorenzo, Rodrigo Iglesias, Víctor Gil, Arancha Riestra and Jingxuan Xu are leading a talented team full of energy and passion.

Our core values. TOQIO’s 4Cs are our flagship, we are:

  • Curious: Curiosity is the lifeblood of innovation.
  • Committed: Shaping TOQIO into a more vibrant place to do business, as well as making our society better.
  • Considerate: We’re a diverse and multicultural team that brings many perspectives into our workforce.
  • Creative: seeking out of the box thinkers who face challenges head on, and look forward to innovating their way around every obstacle.

The best place to work. We are working hard to become a great family company.

  • Team working: Promoting objective, fact-based and solution oriented discussions.
  • Equality & Diversity: Promoting equality and diversity, encouraging a multicultural environment.
  • Transparent: Communicating feedback transparently, constructively and in real-time.
  • Meritocratic: Striving for excellence and rewarding the best.

The best team, OUR OFFER TO YOU. We care the most about our team members.

  • Salary proposal for a Java Architect 50.000€ - 80.000€ gross annual base salary depending on the candidate’s knowledge, experience and location.
  • Bonus scheme plan based on KPI achievements.
  • Leave Period: 25 holiday days of your election + your Birthday off.
  • Employee Share Option Scheme: We want all team members to really feel part of and have a stake in TOQIO.
  • Flexibility: Working flexibly in the broadest sense, remote working is part of our normal practice at TOQIO but also we offer a Flexible Working Policy. We work up to 80% of the time remotely.
  • Flexible perks package including private health insurance, entertainment, mental health support, training, mentoring program, gym...
  • We are a British company with a Spanish subsidiary. We have central offices in Madrid, London and Nairobi.
  • Join an international team with over 20 nationalities and colleagues in Spain, UK, and Kenya.
  • We are highly proud of having a diverse team committed to inclusion and sustainability.

Awards. TOQIO has received several awards and nominations since we launched in 2018:

  • Early Metrics TOP 30% International recognition 2019
  • Winner of Cuatrecasa Acelera IV 2020
  • Lanzadera Growth Phase Startup 2020
  • Winner on Corporate Category of Open Finance Appathon 2020 (Open Banking Excellence)
  • Finalist Fintech South Summit 2020
  • Fintech Third prize Premios Expansión Startup 2020
  • "Hottest Fintech Startup" shortlisted att The Europas Tech Startup Awards 2022
  • Startup Awards National Series 2022 finalist
  • PAY360 Award Winner 2022
  • Startups 100 list for 2023
  • VISA accelerator 2023

Thanks so much for taking the time to check TOQIO, we are really looking forward to hearing from you!