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Senior IoT Security Specialist



Barcelona, Spain
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2024

We are seeking an experienced Security Professional to lead our product security team. In this role, you will collaborate closely with our tech teams across hardware, software, embedded systems, and cloud connectivity services.

Your responsibilities will include vulnerability management, reverse engineering, hardware and software penetration testing, and applying your extensive knowledge of IoT and OT security tools and regulations.

Role Overview:

The Security Specialist - IoT & OT will lead the development and enforcement of security architectures and strategies for IoT and OT systems. You will design robust security measures for both hardware and software, conduct comprehensive risk assessments, and focus on EVSE, IoT/OT, and cutting-edge communication technologies.


  • OT Security Strategy: Develop and implement a comprehensive security strategy for OT/IOT systems specific to EVSE charging technologies, aligning with industry best practices and regulatory frameworks.
  • Product Security Leadership: Lead security integration within the product development lifecycle of EVSE hardware and software solutions, from design through deployment. Ensure rigorous security standards are met in IoT, OT, and ICS systems related to electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
  • Risk Assessment: Perform risk and vulnerability assessments tailored to EVSE charging systems and related IoT devices, prioritising security threats and weaknesses specific to electric vehicle ecosystems.
  • Security Architecture: Assist Product Hardware and Software architecture teams to secure architectures for EVSE systems
  • Security Standards: Establish and enforce security standards and protocols that are specific to the electric vehicle charging industry, and ensure compliance with international cybersecurity regulations.
  • Security Testing: Coordinate and oversee security testing activities, including but not limited to penetration testing and vulnerability scanning of EVSE products and infrastructure.
  • Security Awareness: Champion a security-first culture within the product teams, emphasising the unique aspects of security in EVSE and IoT environments.
  • Documentation: Maintain meticulous documentation on security practices, system configurations, incident response plans, and product development security architectures tailored to EVSE technologies.
  • Familiarity with security domains of backend architecture, MQTT and IoT landscape is a must.